About the Artist...

Chad Bonk

My name is Chad Bonk. I am the creator of Storyteller Photography. I started this business as a result of the past twelve years of creative photography, and twenty years of an artistic illustration background. I consistently am striving to push the boundaries and capabilities from the moment of capture to the final product. My creative passion began very young, and with the support of friends and family, this endeavor will continue.


A little about me? I grew up in Factoryville, PA, with a constant reach for the stars. I dreamt of a career at Walt Disney World as an illustrator ever since I could hold a pencil, as did many other talented artists. I began drawing when I was 8 years old and to this day am always sketching something. I participated in every artistic event possible, drew everything, everyday and had more sketchbooks than one could imagine. 


I attended Keystone College in 2000 with an eye on Fine Art. My experience there was fantastic, and I gained the knowledge and experience that is irreplaceable. I enrolled in every class I could, spent countless hours in the studios during the after hours creating, and sharing amongst my peers. From drawing, photography, graphic design and painting. With the experience I had there, I now carry the idea of Fine Art into my photos.


Times change, minds evolve, and paths are chosen. I still have a strong illustration background and continue it in my work. Each photo captured, is hand touched with a creative edge.


Everyone has a dream, a passion, a hobby, and a love. I followed both my dream and my heart, and have both the passion and ambition to pursue it. It just so happens to be my hobby and a career .... and I LOVE it.  

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