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Let your imagination ... SOAR

Storyteller Photography | Next Chapter was designed to merge traditional photography with technology and an artistic hand. Every image starts out with an open mind, concept and imagination. From there we schedule a slot in the studio and photograph each client in front of a blank canvas. Next, comes the fun part! The painting process begins with a range of complex masking, color grading, tone mapping, and in some instances 3D creation! We live in a time where environments and studios can be built to match lighting to the exact environment! Interested? Give us a shout and see what we can create for you! 


Its All About the Process

This is your Portfolio section paragraph. Use this opportunity to provide background for your showcase of photos and images. Consider explaining why you’ve included this collection of visual media, and provide any relevant details or descriptions.

Step Two

A tedious process of searching for concept , stock footage, or 3D creation of the exact artwork needed to create the final piece. 

The Final Render

From start to finish, final renders can take some time. On average most pieces are approximately 10 hours and exported for large format printing. Each piece will yield a 24"x36" print when complete. 

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