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Creating some Disney magic with some CaPPA kids!

We had the utmost pleasure to work with the kids down at the Ritz Theatre in Scranton, PA and all the crew involved with CaPPA! The whole day was filled with so many costumes and just great crew to work with. I'm pretty sure we came back with about as many laughs as we did photos and content to work with!

Here is just one example of a piece from that session! The idea here is to really make the kids feel like they belong in the movies!

The first stage as you can see is color and balance. The image is photographed about as flat as possible except for some specular highlights that are planned to be matched and digitally matte painted in later in the process.

Next, the character is extracted from the backdrop and placed into the canvas for digital manipulation. In this scene there was a foreground, ( the grass and blowing foliage ), Merida and then the farthest set back background that really ties in the whole piece with the color scheme.

Finally, once everything is placed it's all tied together with some color grading and color shifting to ensure a very complimentary color piece and finally exported for printing!

Be sure to check cuz we have alot more coming out in the next weeks!

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